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      We make house calls, by appointment. We come to you, to work on your computer, where you work on it.
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Internet and Web Services
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Internet & Web Services

Register your own domain
      A Better Computer, Inc. is now a domain provider.  .COM and .NET domains are $10/year. There is a full range of other top-level domains available at reasonable prices, depending on the sales manager and the phase of the moon.  (.org, .info, .name, .biz, .us, etc.)
     Visit http://www.ABCInc-Domains.com1 to see if your domain is available.

     Online payment for your account is still under construction.  Your best bet is to set up a customer account now, then use PayPal to put some money into it. Once it is funded you can use the credit to pay for - and renew - your domains.
     Here is a PDF file1 with some helpful hints about setting up your file.

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Host your website here
      A Better Computer, Inc. can host your website!

Plan name:

Feature - Cost:
(or $40-6/mo)
(or $30-3/mo)
(or $25-2/mo)
Bandwidth Allowed
500 MB/mo
750 MB/mo
1 GB/mo
2 GB/mo
Disk Space
40 MB
60 MB
75 MB
150 MB
Email Accounts
FTP Accounts
SQL Databases
Parked Domains
     Plan 1 is truly a beginner's site. The bandwidth is sufficient to move the 40MB to a lot of visitors. This html page is only 19KB (including the hands at the bottom), and you could have 26,000 visitors before you needed to worry about using up your bandwidth.
     Your website will have an industry-standard interface called cPanel, (cPanel Demo) (cPanel user Manual) and you can monitor how much bandwidth you are using by glancing at the "General Account Information" on the left side of cPanel.
Disk Space
This is the amount of room on your webserver for web pages and images. Once you load your web pages, this won't change unless you are using mailing lists or data bases.
This includes all the traffic in and out of your website. You need to visit your website at least once a week to see how much bandwidth you've used.
Email Accounts
You will need a Postmaster account, at a minimum. These are regular Internet email accounts. You can download them using Outlook or Outlook Express. You can also read your email online.
FTP Accounts
You will have a master FTP account to upload your web pages. But you can also assign a FTP account if you have someone helping you but you do not want to give them full access to your website.
Parked Domains
This is a handy tool. A Better Computer, Inc., hosts the website for the Early Bird Dinner Theatre. We have both spellings of theatre (theatre, theater) going to the same website.

     Click on the image above to see a larger picture.
Credit Card Payments Referral link from ABCInc: 2Checkout.com
     In September, A Better Computer, Inc., signed up for a service to allow you to use a credit card to pay for your services with us. In their welcoming email they said: As you design your website, please realize that it is important to the credit card associations and 2CO that the relationship between vendors and 2CO is not misrepresented. Vendors (A Better Computer, Inc.) should represent 2CO as an authorized retailer or out-sourced vendor solution, not as a 'credit card processor' or 'payment gateway.' Vendors (ABCInc) do have artistic license to incorporate this depiction into the context of their site provided they do not misrepresent the relationship.
     September 2 - Still researching...
Let us help you build your website
      What will make this service unique is that we make house calls! If you live in the Tampa Bay area (Clearwater, St. Pete, Tampa) we will come to you, to sit at your side, while you work on your website on your computer.
Let us build your website for you!
      We will do all the work. Prices are negotiable depending on the size of your project.

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